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Reviews from Parents, Grandparents, and Nannies About McKinney's Best Worst Places for Kids

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Indoor Play Places

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Parents, Grandparents, and Nannies

These folks love writing reviews because they want to help others in the community.

I’ve vetted personally each reviewer to ensure they are experienced, opinionated, friendly, and honest. Reviewers take kids to each playground and keep track of their experience there. Often their review is based on multiple visits at different times of year. Then they call it as they see it and write the review.

This super squad also updates reviews when–like a diaper in the middle of the night–something needs to be changed.

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Dad, web developer, and puppeteer

Mom, photographer, and event planner

Mom, McKinney native, and home-school success

Dad, entrepreneur, and legit eBay flipper

About This Website

Who writes the reviews and rates the places?

A crack commando unit of real parents and grandparents living in McKinney.

Was that an A-Team reference?


Are the reviewers biased?

Yes, they are very opinionated. That’s why they like writing reviews. But they are also kind, wise, and discerning.

Can I write reviews?

Maybe. Message me.

Why are you doing this?

Because I know how and I saw a need… just like another McKinney man did with the Breathing Mobile Washer. (Not an ad, just a shout-out.)

What’s your name?

There are some who call me… Kenny

Was that a Tim the Enchanter reference?


Wow, you’re a straight-up 80s baby, aren’t you?

Way to go, Columbo. Nice work, Captain Kirk. Back atcha…Scott Bakula?!